Rik van den Berg is my name. I'm Dutch and my last name translates into "from the mountain". Hence this blog's name.

I work as a DevOps Engineer for DubbelBit but this blog, its content and opinions are my own. On a day to day basis, I work on developing, designing and deploying applications in different landscapes. I've mostly worked with Microsoft technology and their cloud Azure. But with the recent "cloud-agnostic" trends I also have experience in developing and integrating applications with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This triggered a wish in me to have my personal space where I can write about all situations I run into, mostly technical and related to .NET.


I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science (BSc) and graduated back in 2013. During my last two years of study I worked as a part-time .NET Developer. After graduation I continued working as a .NET developer at Centric in the Netherlands for 5 years. While at Centric, I was part of Competence Center to promote and facility improvement of Code Quality and also delivered tools such as SonarQube across the company.

With the growing development in the cloud,  I have then decided to switch jobs and pursued more projects working with Microsoft Azure. And over the past 4 years I've grown to become a DevOps Engineer. This means working with clients to develop, design and deploy to the Azure cloud. Additionally, I am currently helping systems evolve to become more cloud-agnostic and to transition into Amazon Web Services (AWS).

After building such in-depth work experience for the past 10 years, I've complemented my resume with a Master's degree in Data Sciencefrom the University of Amsterdam.


Like what you read? The best way of interacting with me is leaving a comment or contacting me through my socials. And I will do my best to read and respond as soon as possible.

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